The Ancient Motif

The most amazing part in Lao hand weaving’s story, is the ancient motif being wove on a piece of textile. The ancient motif was inherited from generation to generation in the weavers’ community, some are being used in traditional ritual ceremony, some are representing the social status of the weavers, and some other ancient motifs being wove by the weaver in the hopes of bringing them good luck, wealthy, prosperous life, happy family and etc.

This section will present to you some of the examples of ancient motif found in Laos’ textiles, we are trying our best to collect as many as possible to keep as a record for future interests’ study purpose.

A man riding a proboscidean creature

Bird & Crest

Crab OR Muengda (a kind of insect living in water)



Human Figures On a Bird-Shape Ship


Lozenges with Dragon Head

Migratory Bird

Pregnant SIHO

Proboscidean creature riding on a horse

Spirit Human – Candle Carrier

Sugar Cane Stalk


Flowers in Lozenges

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