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Supplementary Weave Techniques

A supplementary warp design is called dta mok, and it can be used either alone or in combination with supplementary weft patterns. The supplementary weft patterns themselves differentiate into lai kit (continuous) and lai chok (discontinuous). Continuous yarn stretches from selvage to selvage, while with the discontinuous technique the yarn is added only in selected areas.
1.Dta Mok
The process of introducing supplementary warp yarns into the fabric is called dta mok. This is a particularly tricky technique due to the difficulty in maintaining tension in the warp while weaving. Heddles are used to raise the supplementary warp …

Mat Mi (Ikat) Techniques

Mat Mi (Ikat) Techniques
Mat Mi is a process of wrapping-to-pattern whereby parts of the yarn are tied to create a resist pattern when dipped into the dye, before the weaving is started.  After the yarn has been dyed the Laotian women wind it onto spools and use it to weave a weft pattern into a plain colored warp.  This is called weft ikat and is a decorative technique common in the Southern part of Laos.
There are two basic structures for Mat Mi; they are known as Mi Luat and Mi Luang. Mi Luat is a solid ikat woven with only …