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Weaving Steps

What is Warp?
Yarn stretched lengthwise on the loom to be crossed by the weft
What is Weft?
Yarn woven into the warp to make a web
Preparation of the Warp:
1.Pian Mai – Scanes of cotton from the homespun, or market cotton or silk yarns are wound onto large spools made from bamboo or wood.
2. Kon Huu – Warp yarns are transferred from the large pools onto the lak feua, a wood frame with knobs around which the yarns are led so that a length of warp can be obtained without tangles. A “cross-over” points for the yarn is established at the lower end of the …


Natural Dyes
Nowadays, Lao weavers are still seeking their colors from the world of nature around them. The harvesting and preparation of natural dye materials can be a very time-consuming process. Bark or wood, for instance, might not be available from nearby sources and therefore require a hike into the forest and a long walk home. Some dye materials, too, are cultivated, and this usually means allowing them to grow for a season or more before a dye can be produced.
In general the required wood or bark is boiled with salt for hours over a slow wood fire. When the wood …